Organizing Bottom Up Participatory Democracy - Equal Vote - Equal Voice


We are just beginning to build the National Networks within the Movement.

Currently we are the ONLY Bottom Up Network that utilizes open participatory democracy, but there are lots of other National organizations within the movement, and this is by no means a comprehensive list, so please let us know of other organizations we should add.

Besides being run utilizing participatory democracy, we also are one of the only groups that is a broad network to support all of the activities and groups in the Movement. No one is excluded.


What does the Bernie Movement Look Like?:



Bernie Movement Components-2


First and foremost we have the National Bernie Campaign:

Official Bernie Presidential Campaign


Grassroots Groups:

There are Three types of Grassroots Groups. Bottom Up participatory democracy groups, independent grassroots groups, and grassroots groups that are basically local extensions of the Bernie Sanders National Presidential campaign.


Bottom Up Participatory Networks & Groups:


Other National Organizations:





Other Candidate Networks:









Other Groups and Parties:





Other Projects & Policy Platforms:


To add more groups and organizations actively involved within the Movement please click here to add an announcement to our Community Announcements and Updates doc so we can all learn about your organization or project.


If you are interested in starting a new group, network, or organization, we can help. We offer support for anyone who wants to start any type of organization, national or local. This includes Sponsorship Options through our collaboration with the Unity Network.