Organizing Bottom Up Participatory Democracy - Equal Vote - Equal Voice


We are a Network of Networks, a Network of Organizations, and a Coalition of Networks. Our goal is to unite the Bernie Movement from Organizers and the Organizations that they run, as well as Volunteers and Supporters alike.

Here we are beginning the process of Organizing our Network of Networks for the Movement. We prioritize listing Bottom Up Participatory Democracy Networks and Organizations, but within each Participatory Hub, we list all the Organizations at that level regardless of weather they are participatory or are organized in a different way.

There are many ways to add yourself and your organization to our databases so that people can find them and more importantly that we are all able to communicate with each other. Our goal is to streamline communications and decision making and ensure that our Movement and grow and build by distributing resources and work flow so that everyone is included.

Here are a list of various forms and databases where you can start to input your information and the information regarding your organizations and future goals and intentions.

General Input Form – can input public & private information (coming soon)

Bernie Movement Contact Databases – Publicly Viewable & Editable (coming soon)

Listing of Top Level Participatory Democracy Networks and Coalitions