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Hey Bernie Movement Supporters,

Today is the final large Primary contest, and we will see what the outcome is soon, but regardless of the outcome we still know our system is rigged, and we still know the Bernie Movement MUST continue at the local, state, national, and global levels.

There is SO much going on and we WON’T stop ever, and the ONLY way to build our Movement from the Bottom Up is by collaborating and working together as equals, and there is no reason to wait.

Our next Bernie Movement Bottom Up Conference Call is tomorrow (Wednesday), June 8th, 2016 Introductions & Info will begin at 5p PST 8p EST, and the Official Meeting with proposals will begin at 6p PST, 9p EST for those who want to skip the intro and info. USA #: 712-775-7035 Access Code: 202770 Also there will be an info/intro Call on Tuesday at 7p PST, 10p EST, and Thursday at 5p PST, 8p EST. All the Call in info is the same.

Our Bernie Movement Bottom Up Calls will continue weekly, but the 1st Wednesday of the month will be our Board calls, and the 1st Wednesday of July will be our quarterly Membership Meeting where we will appoint the Board. We need people to step up as Bottom Up symbols of our Movement, and nominate themselves and others to be Board Members. This is how a movement runs with people stepping up and empowering themselves and others. Also we need people to take on Officer, Executive, and Management Roles. Plus it is important to let us know if you can represent a Bernie Group that you are a part of, as we build our Bernie Party Network.

Our discussions will include our structure, preparing for the membership meeting in July, appointing Board Members, policies, as well as the Network and the Bernie Party, Brand New Congress, and many other organizations and parts of the Movement. We will update everyone by email as well, and let people vote on any official proposals. You can also always check on the current proposals to be voted on or add your own at this link:

Thank you for your interest and your commitment to seeing the world become a better place for us and future generations. We will keep fighting, and we will take our governments back from the BIG Money special interests, and give them back to the People at every level, local to national. But we must work together and realize that this is going to take many elections and dedication, and most importantly creativity and treating each other like human beings.

Feelin the Burn Forever!


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