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Hey Friends Colleges & Bernie Supporters,

The movement has been growing, and the first round of the election is almost over. Here in California there is just a few weeks left until June 7th, and Bernie can still win if he gets between 65%-70% of the vote. Regardless Bernie is taking his fight to the National Convention, and we must pull together and move this Movement forward now and long into the future.

The Bernie Movement Bottom Up Network has been collaborating and documenting the different aspects of the Bernie Movement. You can see the list of National Networks and Organizations at this link:

This email is a individual invitation to collaborate and communicate with our Network. To get regular updates from us you will have to accept our invitation by replying to it, or clicking on this link to make sure you are signed up to receive on-going updates:

The work we do is unique in the movement and is imperative to build the backbone infrastructure to have a united movement that has the resources and connections to keep going beyond this election and far into the future. Between our Bottom Up conference calls where we empower individuals, to helping local candidates run for office on the Bernie Platform, to the Bernie Party where we are building an alternative to the Tea Party and getting representation from Bernie Groups across the country, we are building this movement utilizing new systems and infrastructure, which is what it is going to take.

We are the Only group in the movement we know of, that is actually organizing democratically Bottom Up, by empowering our membership and the people who get involved with a vote and a voice. We are the ONLY group we know of in the movement that is networking and building the broad communications systems to empower all groups and individuals within the movement, and build a distributive fundraising model to ensure that all the great ideas and important projects are being supported and funded throughout the movement to keep the momentum going.

Our work is starting to get recognized and a journalist from Alternet has done a great article, and emphasized how we are not focused on ourselves, but instead are working to empower and build the entire movement as a whole, and this is possibly the only article that paints the picture of the entire movement instead of single fragmented organizations. You can see the article at this link:

This has been a difficult process, and the work must continue. We need help databasing and collecting communications contact information so we can connect to people throughout the movement. And we need help welcoming and training people who want to get involved. Please forward this email and post online, as well as send us people and contact that you know may be interested in being updated and empowered within the Bernie Movement. The more people who are informed, the more people who can be empowered with a vote and a voice within the Movement.

Unlike most projects, we are a Network not an organization, and we directly empower our membership with decision making power through both direct and participatory democracy.  How can we expect to fix our democracy if we don’t even bring democracy into the fabric of our experiences, organizing and interacting together as a movement.  As an empowered member, you elect our Board, and anyone can nominate themselves or others to be on the board. Would you like to nominate yourself to be a Board Member, or to become an executive officer or help with internal management? We need people to step up to the plate and start stabilizing this movement for the long term.

Our next Membership Meeting where we will be formalizing our Decision Making Board will be on Wed July 6th at 6pm PST, 9pm EST.  Our next monthly Board Meeting will be Wed June 8th at 6pm PST, 9pm EST, the day after the big Primary. Everyone is welcome to come participate and nominate themselves as Board Members. If Wednesdays at 6pm PST 9pm EST is bad time for you, you can vote to change the scheduled time:
For those who can’t come, you are directly empowered through our Direct Democracy systems to vote online on all decisions. Here is our First Decision Making Form for those who want to dive in [use vote code B16st7] :

Our biggest project in scope to date is now the Bernie Party, where we are trying to build a national network as an alternative to the Tea Party, and get representation from each and every Bernie Group throughout the country. But we don’t even have a basic database of all the Bernie Groups across the country yet, and so we need to work together to build this database so that we can communicate and continue to organize for the movement even after the elections. To learn more about the Bernie Party, and to get involved with databasing just go to the website and click on “Plan”:

To do all of this and more, and build an infastructue to create a new political system in our country we need resources. We need Volunteers, and we need funds.

We have begun our fundraising campaign and are now offering Stickers and T-Shirts as part of our fundraiser. We are also beginning subscribed memberships to the Bernie Party on a Monthly basis. So Please join and give. Here is a picture of the Stickers we now have and they are $2 for one, $5 for three, and $20 for fifteen. You can also order a T-Shirt for $35 currently, but the price will go down as our orders go up. To learn more about Stickers and T-shirts lick here:


To directly purchase stickers and T-shirts click here:

For those

Feelin the Burn Forever!


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