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About the Bernie Movement

Bernie Sanders has called for a Mass Mobilization Movement to rise up and support a Political Revolution in our country. The Bernie Movement is beyond networks, beyond organizations, and beyond groups or individuals, including Bernie Sanders himself. The Bernie Movement is a vision that unites us all together, to creates better world where people are empowered and united to take back our government from the corporate special interests and BIG Money powers.


There is no single network, organization, or group of people who has any control or ownership of the Bernie Movement. The Bernie Movement is an open vision that can empower any individual or group of people, and by all uniting and working together, our Movement can get stronger, which is where our Bottom Up Network comes in.


We see that the foundation of the Bernie Movement is the People, and ensuring the People are empowered to take our country back from the elite class as Bernie Sanders always says. Therefore we see that the Bernie Movement is actually a sub-set of the larger Global Peoples Movement. Although the Bernie Movement exist primarily in the United States, we are collaborating and working with people across the world within the larger Peoples Movement for all people across the world to rise up and take back our governments for the people everywhere. In different places across the world people have different names for the Peoples Movement, but it doesn’t matter what the name is, we are all part of a single global movement to empower the people beyond international corporations and BIG Money Elitism. For more information about the Peoples Movement click here.