Organizing Bottom Up Participatory Democracy - Equal Vote - Equal Voice


The Bernie Movement Bottom Up Network has the goal of connecting our movement together and build the communication systems to ensure that the people, organizers, and organizations within the movement are able to collaborate and support each other.

We are NOT a single organization, and are made up of multiple organizations and projects, all of which are organized through Bottom Up Participatory Democracy. This website is here to show case any and all Bottom Up Participatory Organizing in the Bernie Movement, as well as all other Organizations and networks no matter how they are structured.

Participatory Democracy is an open system where the public and individuals are directly empowered to engage in our group with direct voting power on all decisions, as well as our agendas, and meetings to give everyone equal voice, not just a vote. We have weekly conference calls, and also connect with regional calls and local in-person meetings. If you are interested in setting up a local or regional bottom up group, please contact us and we can help you do that.

It is essential that we are empowering each other and our communities through Bottom Organizing, and engaging our supporters through Direct Democracy Voting and Community Representation. By doing this we are able to create our own democratic systems in a world where our governments have been corrupted and our economy rigged. Participatory Democracy is not for everyone, but we have endless of other volunteer activities and other ways to get involved.

Our Bernie Movement Bottom Up Network is sponsored and has been founded in collaboration with the CommUnity Network. For more information about the CommUnity Network, please click here.