Organizing Bottom Up Participatory Democracy - Equal Vote - Equal Voice

During the 2015-2016 Presidential Elections Bernie Sanders has called for a Mass Mobilization Movement to rise up and support a Political Revolution! We are here to heed that call, and build the infrastructure and systems necessary to hold together a long term sustained political movement that will change the shape of politics forever into the future.  Bernie Movement Bottom Up is a Network of Networks, a Hub of Networks of Organizations, and Coalitions of Networks all involved in the Greater movement to take back our democracy from Corrupt BIG Money and Corporate special interests, and empower the people to create a government Of the People, By the People, For the People, To the People, and With the People. 


It is important to understand that the Bernie Movement Bottom Up Communications and the many Networks within it are working in Solidarity with the Bernie Sanders Campaign, but exist independently  as separate organizations. It is important to support the Bottom Up Participatory Democracy Movement as well as the official campaign if we are going to be successful in seeing Bernie’s vision through. Only through Bottom Up organizing can we sustain the momentum in our Movement and empower individuals and local communities to take control of their future.


Our Bottom Up Movement empowers individuals through the participatory democracy process of decision making where each person has equal vote and equal voice. We also interlace this with building our own local and regional democracy structures where we can empower ourselves and our Movement without having to wait for anyone, especially a corrupt government, to give us permission to organize and re-create the People’s Representation. By combining Partnicpatory Democracy, with online interactive Direct Democracy, and Bottom Up Community Representative Democracy, we will unite us stronger than ever before and build a movement that is unstoppable.


We have to look out further than just this election and realize that after Bernie Gets into the White House, our Grassroots Network will be the backbone of a Movement that will elect a new congress in 2018 to support Bernie’s Vision to become reality.  A single top down official campaign can not do that, it has been tried many times before, with Obama’s Organizing for America, and Howard Deans Democracy for America.  Only a strong resilient Movement of hundreds if not thousands bottom up empowered local community organizations and networks will have that ability to transform our political stagnation through a peaceful Revolution.


We know that we have already won the hearts and minds of the people. For those of you who didn’t know ask 10 people if they agree that the system is rigged for the 0.0001%, ask them if they believe that people working 40 hours a week should be living in poverty. The majority Always agree with us. That means we have WON! The question of educating the public is over, the focus now is mobilizing by building the systems and infrastructures that will ensure that the people are herd. This will require hard work, commitment, and major resources, but we can build the vision that we already know is true, and the government will have no choice but to follow.


Together we can do anything! Fragmented and separated we are already defeated. Join Us and Join the Movement for a better future for all.


Feelin The Burn Forever!


Bernie Movement Bottom Up Organizers
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